Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Effective New Gastric Bypass Alternative Found

New research reveals a safe and effective alternative to gastric bypass surgery that allows you to feel full and satisfied, even when you have eaten very little at all.

It's claimed that the
weight loss results are at least as good as those obtained by gastric bypass surgery, yet without the risk, embarrassment, and high cost - and that it's possible to lose all of the pounds you want without feeling starved or hungry, and without dieting. The same results as gastric bypass surgery, but without compromising your lifestyle? So, why didn't someone come up with this gastric bypass surgery alternative earlier?

Al Roker And Carnie Wilson Were Wrong!

Al Roker and Carnie Wilson each went through weight control surgery (also known as gastric bypass surgery), and both of them had great results. However, they subjected themselves to many risks which could have been avoided. They could have achieved the same results without all of the embarrassment and risk associated with bariatric surgery (gastric bypass surgery). How?

Al Roker and Carnie Wilson could have chosen one of the gastric bypass surgery alternatives, such as the use of a stomach blocking pill. This would have given them the chance to have all of the advantages of weight loss surgery, while staying home and saving a fortune!

There is one gastric bypass alternative that is particularly safe and effective, and I would recommend that you seriously check it out before even thinking about subjecting yourself to gastric bypass surgery.

Risks and Complications of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Surgical Complication - 1 in every 10 patients

Life Threatening Surgical Complication - 1 in every 30 patients

Re-admission For Follow-Up Surgery - 1 in every 7 patients

Re-admission for Vomiting - 1 in every 25 patients

Death - 1 in every 300 patients

Most Common Reasons for Gastric Bypass Complications

The most common reasons for readmission and corrective surgery after gastric bypass surgery operations are complications of the stomach staple line or the outlet of the pouch. Leakage, perforation, or bleeding may occur at the operation site if the stomach staples move or become loose because of over-stretching of the new stomach staple pouch. An emergency operation is required to correct this.

Staple line failures occur in about 15% of gastric bypass surgery operations.

Other possible gastric bypass surgery complications that may require readmission to hospital and additional surgery are the formation of an ulcer or stricture or failure of the stomach staple line to heal properly.
Some patients report experiencing hair loss following bariatric surgery and occasional nail (brittleness, poor growth and scaling) and skin problems. These are almost always due to mineral and vitamin deficiencies associated with bariatric surgery. Bad breath resulting from ketosis, the process by which your body breaks down and generated energy from fat, can also occur in a minority of patients following weight loss surgery.
The success of any weight loss surgery operation is a combination of the procedure itself and the patient’s compliance with the guidelines they should follow after bariatric surgery to protect their newly adapted digestive system. There is a risk of complication and side effects with any operation (anesthesia, infection etc). The surgeon can only do their best to prevent these from occurring.

In addition to these more standard surgical complications however, side-effects and complications following weight loss surgery that are due to stomach staple line failure and blockage of the opening from the pouch to the stomach or stomach to intestine are because of eating too much too soon, over-eating after healing or consuming poorly chewed or incorrect foods. This division between gastric bypass surgery and patient-associated risk factors and complications with bariatric surgery is a very important one to keep in mind.

Of course, the very best way to avoid all of these complications is to simply choose a reliable and tested gastric bypass surgery alternative.

Overall Benefits of Extreme Weight Loss

It is important to remember that the ultimate goal of bariatric surgery (or alternatives to bariatric surgery) is to improve your health and extend your life by reducing or eliminating the many obesity-related conditions by targeting the excess weight and consequent negative metabolic impact this has on your body. This means that overall, successful weight loss has a beneficial impact, both physically and mentally, on your whole body. The complications of obesity that generally improve or are eliminated altogether following weight loss include the following:

-Diabetes and blood sugar regulation
-Hypertension (high blood pressure)
-Stress incontinence
-Back pain
-Knee pain
-Heel spurs
-Gastric reflux disease
-Sleep apnea and other obstructive sleep disorders
-Congestive heart disease
-High blood cholesterol and triglycerides

So, you will have to weigh the benefits of bariatric surgery against the risks. When you do that, surgery may seem like a good choice. However, when you compare bariatric surgery to a non-surgival gastric bypass alternative, you will soon see that there is only one choice that makes any sense.

Lifelong Impact Of Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass surgery significantly changes the structure and function of your digestive system. You have to adapt the amounts and types of foods you eat following bypass surgery to account for this, not only while you heal following surgery, but in the longer term to take into account the small size of your stomach and your inability to digest certain nutrients if you’ve had bypass surgery.

Patients with extensive gastric bypasses of the normal digestive process require close monitoring and life-long use of special foods, supplements, and medications. This means major changes to your life and it’s important to remember that successful results following any bariatric operation depend on how well you adopt a long-term plan of healthy eating and regular physical activity.

There are safe and effective alternatives to gastric bypass surgery, and the same weight loss results can be achieved - without the long-term risks and detriments to quality of life.